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Volunteer Pledge

Interfaith Caregivers is dependent on a climate of mutual caring and trust. In order to promote and maintain that trust, we must strive to protect the dignity and privacy of everyone we serve.  Confidentiality is a principle which ensures the privacy of all who are a part of Interfaith Caregivers.   Please read and sign this pledge, and bring it to orientation. 


  • I will not give the telephone number, address or last name of any other Interfaith Caregiver’s volunteer to a client or a client’s family member.

  • I will not give a client’s name, address or telephone number to anyone outside of the organization without the client’s permission, except in an emergency (e.g., to call an ambulance or the police).

  • I will not divulge my conversations with a client and his/her family members, or any related conversations that I hear while in the client’s company to anyone, except to the Interfaith Caregivers’ staff if I have concerns for the client’s well-being.

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We facilitate independent living by providing supportive volunteer services for people who are 65+ or have disabilities.

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