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Our Team

We're committed to helping seniors live full lives!

We facilitate independent living by providing supportive volunteer services for people who are 65+ or have disabilities.
Our Mission

Our Founder

Dr. Joan Gault

Interfaith Caregivers was founded by Dr. Joan Gault, a local physician. Dr. Gault pioneered this idea of aging in place with the model that is Interfaith Caregivers.

Dr. Joan Gault set out to meet the needs of isolated senior citizens. Dr. Gault elicited support from Haddonfield churches and community groups, formed a Board of Trustees, and organized the first training session for volunteers. In its first year of operation, Interfaith Caregivers served 80 clients with the help of 62 volunteers. While Interfaith Caregivers has evolved from its grass roots beginnings, the original vision of neighbors helping neighbors through simple kindnesses hasn't changed.


From the beginning, Interfaith Caregivers has relied on community support and volunteers to provide basic free-of-charge services; transportation, shopping, and companionship, that enable residents who are aging or disabled to remain independent. 


Our Board

We enjoy the support of a terrific board of trustees.

Barbara Cortese - President

Kelly Smith - Secretary
Paul Knauer – Treasurer

Kelly Barry

Stacey Behm

Jack Berrigan

Laurie Bushey

Holly Cass
Donna DiMuro

Chris Feese

Judy Guarnieri
Suzanne Lange
David Restrepo

Linda Tromp

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